maraMara Meir

Born in Jerusalem, Mara Meir became a Ballerina at the age of 12. She lived, studied, and performed for 10 years in Paris, France. Her teachers, Madame Preo­brajenska, Lobov Egorova and the famous Kniaseff, all exiles from the Imperial Ballet Academy of Russia became the great ballet teachers of Western Europe. Her fellow classmates at that time were Margot Fonteyn, Leslie Caron, Violette Verdy and even Brigitte Bardot. Mara Meir performed all over Europe with various Ballet companies, amongst them Ballet de Paris.

She came to this country in 1964 and later started two ballet schools in Massachusetts where she taught hundreds of children and adults.  Remem­bering Charleston from an earlier trip, Mara Meir decided to live and teach in this city and in 1993 opened “Ballet Academy of Charleston”.