Master Class with Alexandre Proia

On January 3rd, Alexandre Proia, graduate of the Paris Opera Ballet and former Soloist with the New York City Ballet, held an engaging and instructive master class for intermediate and advanced students in the Charleston area. 

Drawing from his broad and varied experience, which ranges from classical ballet to Broadway, Mr. Proia brought a fresh perspective to students accustomed to conventional ballet classes.  He stressed technique, or proper placement, over style, claiming that all styles are ultimately founded in the same basic technique. Therefore, if you master the proper technique, you can master any style. 

Despite his impressive amount of experience, made evident through his effortless and effective teaching, Mr. Proia made himself extremely approachable and likable to his students. One student commented that his frequent humor and kind demeanor allayed any hesitation one might have felt in addressing an unfamiliar teacher, making it easy to ask him questions. 

Mr. Proia promoted a thorough warm-up at the beginning of class to receive the greatest benefit and to feel good throughout class. The greatest takeaway, however, was Mr. Proia’s encouragement for students to explore their limits by moving their bodies in ‘non-ballet ways’ during class.

Students of Ballet Academy and the Charleston area will have another opportunity to enjoy Mr. Proia’s anomalous teaching methods on Saturday, February 7th, from 5-7pm, as he is holding a second Master Class with Ballet Academy!

If you with to attend, text “Attending” to 843-478-8184. The program is $25 for BAC students and $35 for visiting dancers. 

To learn more about Alexendre Proia’s fascinating career as a professional dancer, teacher and choreographer, visit his website here