COVID-19 Studio Procedures

At Ballet Academy of Charleston, your health and well-being is very important to us and we will strictly follow all procedures as outlined below, to ensure your safety at the studio.

Class Times

Classes are spaced apart to avoid crowds at the studio (see attached schedule).

Class Size

To ensure social distancing among the students, class size is limited to 8 students.

Entrance Door

To avoid contamination of key pad and door handles, please use a tissue paper to protect your fingers and hands. Boxes of tissues as well as trash cans will be located inside and outside of the entrance door.

Arrival Procedure

Dancers must be dropped off 1-5 minutes before class begins. If they arrive at the premises earlier, they must wait in the car.  Upon safe entering (see Entrance Door), students leave their shoes in the lobby and change into ballet shoes, then proceed to wash their hands before entering the studio.

Changing Room is closed

The changing room will be closed until further notice! Dancers must arrive at the studio already in their dance attire. Shoes must be left in the waiting area.

Pick up

Students must be picked up promptly and must not wait inside the studio.


Until further notice, parents/caregivers/siblings are not allowed inside the building. Drop off your child at the door and pick up from there as well. We will assist younger children (CM and PB) by waiting at the door for them and walking them back to the door after class.

Use of “props”

No scarves, thera-bands, or turning boards will be used until further notice. CM and PB will use mats, which will be sanitized every day.

Sanitation of the studio

Teachers will wipe down the barres, studio and bathroom door knobs between all classes. A more thorough cleaning, (incl. floor mopping) will take place on a daily basis.

Social Distancing

Teachers as well as students must keep proper distance from each other at all times. Students have to enter and exit class spaced apart to allow proper distance. Eight markings will be placed on the dance floor to mark everyone’s spot (at barre and in center) to ensure proper distancing. Teachers are encouraged to wear masks for their own protection.

Health Monitoring

If a student or any of their household members show virus symptoms, the studio director must be contacted immediately. If there is a chance of a possible contamination at the studio, Ballet Academy of Charleston will lock down for two weeks during which classes will be offered online.