At Ballet Academy of Charleston, your health and well-being are very important to us. Accordingly, we have instituted the following Covid-19 Health & Safety Policies and Procedures.

General Mask Policy
Everyone entering the studio must wear a mask at all times with the exception of (1) Creative Movement students (3-5 years) and (2) those eligible to participate in the Updated Mask Policy for Vaccinated Students described below.

Updated Mask Policy for Vaccinated Students
If you are fully vaccinated, you may remove your mask once you are inside the actual studio. Your mask must be replaced before you enter the hallway outside your classroom door. This is extremely important, as our younger students are not yet eligible for vaccinations. PLEASE BE ADVISED: In the event the CDC changes its guidance regarding mask-wearing for vaccinated people, we will revisit the Updated Mask Policy for Vaccinated Students.

Sanitation of the studio
Teachers will wipe down the barres, studio and bathroom door knobs between all classes. A more thorough cleaning will take place on a daily basis. Mats will be sanitized every day.

Health Monitoring
Students may not come to the studio if they are sick. In addition, if any person in the student’s household has tested positive for Covid-19, the student will not be permitted in the building for a minimum of 14 days. If a student or any of their household members show virus symptoms or tests positive for Covid-19, the studio director must be contacted immediately.

updated 07/12/2021